DURA SEAL™X-TERRA 2-Component Water Based Finish

DURA SEAL™ X-TERRA is a two-component, urethane/acrylic resin blend formulated specifically for the demands of commercial and high traffic residential hardwood floors. Its unique technology provides a long- wearing, commercial grade finish that is the ultimate in durability.

DURA SEAL™ 2000 ZC-2 Water Based Finish

Dura Seal™ 2000 ZC-2 is a two-component, urethane/acrylic wood floor finish formulated for all traffic areas. The unique patented package allows for the crosslinker bottle and the finish container to be sold as a single unit eliminating the possibility of crosslinker not being available. The Dura Seal™ 2000 ZC-2 (zero contact, 2 component) system provides a safer way to add crosslinker and avoids contact with undiluted crosslinker. The crosslinker has a protective foil seal which is punctured when inverted, then placed and turned in the Dura Seal™ 2000 ZC-2 patented dispensing spout. Dura SeaI™ 2000 ZC-2 is available in Semi-Gloss and Satin.

Dura SeaI™ 1000 Water Based Finish

DURA SEAL™ 1000 is a one-component, 100% Urethane wood floor finish formulated for all traffic areas. It provides the performance and durability of two-component finishes while eliminating the need for a separate cross-linker. It is available in Gloss, Semi-Gloss and Satin.