Synteko’s mission is one of producing uncompromising quality timber floor finishes. Synteko floor coatings have been at the forefront of timber floor finishes technology for the last 35 years. This policy is especially carried through to its oil range of timber floor finishes.

Synteko Solid is an innovative very high solids oil finish based on natural oils for timber floors. Solid is characterised by an exceptional high yield coupled with extraordinary abrasion resistance which is obtained through no evident film left on the surface. Solid penetrates deeply into the wood surface enhancing the natural beauty and warmth of the wood. This results in an extremely durable finish requiring minimal maintenance. Testament to this product’s durability and low maintenance is borne out by the Sydney Opera House specifying Solid for its refurbishment.

Synteko Natural - Ironbark
Synteko Natural - Tasmanian Oak

A unique feature of Synteko Solid is the ability to modify its basic colour by adding a range of pigmented colours. Synteko has the floor finish system to meet your needs.

Synteko Natural 1612 is an alkyd-based high solid floor finish with excellent properties. It has extremely high solids, and therefore gives up to three times more coverage compared to normal wood floor oil. The product is oxygen curing and provides a beautiful smooth surface with an excellent resistance to wear. Synteko Natural 1612 is formulated for treatment of wood and cork floors and also wooden stairs, sills, benches etc. Due to the excellent wear resistance the product, it is especially recommended for use in commercial areas like offices, stores, museums and other areas where high wear resistance is needed.

Why is Synteko Natural the choice for the environmentally aware client?
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